Cyclists at the Ride Crater Cruise will be divided quite simply. A special bunch of riders, all sporting special coloured numbers, will contain the top riders in the country (top 100 men and top 40 women) and they will start at the front of the packed field at the Cruise, which takes place on 16 October later this year.
This is purely to keep space at the start-line for the "pro" riders who will be warming up ‘till the very last minute; other than that, there is no real advantage to being in this block because the start is on a 6km stretch of tarmac.
In the first edition of the race, the selection of riders will be decided by the rankings of the top licensed riders in both the road and mountain- biking categories, as well taking into account the relative strengths of known, but unlicensed, riders.

The organisers’ selection will be final, and, for this reason, it will be very important for the top riders to pre-enter the event to ensure being selected for this special group.

Entering at registration will be too late to be selected. Please remember that only the first five men and the first five women will be judged on the finish line, and they will all have the same starting time, 08H00 (just as in any normal race). These riders will not have the advantage of clocking in and out at the halfway-mark.

The rest of the podium positions will be judged by your chip time (finish time minus start time = total riding time). Remember, you do not have to clock out at the halfway mark and can continue straight through, but you can score the benefit from stopping at the halfway point to recover without losing time, and then continue later and still remain in contention for the rest of the podium positions - 6-50 for the men and 6-20 for the ladies.

And don’t forget! At the prize-giving the organisers will be mentioning the age category in which the riders normally compete!

The hotspot at the halfway will also be judged on the first to cross the line and all prize money at the 42km will be judged using ChampionChip timing.