The new route for the Pick ‘n Pay Amashovashova National Classic has been welcomed by the Hillcrest Business forum as well as the Thousand Hills Tourism board and really bodes well for the future of Kwa Zulu Natal’s ever growing premier cycling event.

To accommodate Hillcrest residents the route for the October 30th Classic now bypasses Inchanga and Bothas Hill as well as Hillcrest and the Cowies Hill.

The new route will go from Inchanga towards Cliffdale, onto Summerveld, and then onto the M13 where it will continue all the way through to 45th cutting just outside Durban, avoiding the busy Pinetown CBD and Cowies Hill.

“We had a very successful and constructive meeting with the Hillcrest business forum and the Thousand Hills Toursim Board on the issue and everyone is happy with the way the race has been changed,” said race organiser Anne Batchelder from Right on the Night Events.

“That was the last stumbling block that we had to overcome to make sure nothing stunned the growth of the event. The new route is also much safer, so it’s a win-win situation.

“I was amazed at the attitude of the Metro Police. They are simply delighted to accommodate the cyclists now that we have agreed to change the route with less impact on the community,” she said.

The Amashova was voted SA’s best race at the annual Pick ‘n Pay Cyclist of the Year Awards Banquet last year and it’s certainly living up to its reputation. It’s an excellent race with ever-increasing numbers and is starting to rival the other two big city Classics – the Pick ‘n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge and the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour – in a big way.

Entries are open on-line at