Microsoft’s team captain, Malcolm Lange, the country’s leading pro road winner, has committed to race at the Ride Crater Cruise and a lot of mountain-bikers will also be keen to see what an ex-MTB rider like Darryl Impey will do, given the great form he has shown in pro road cycling over the past two years.
Former world X-terra champion, Anke Erlank, is showing great interest in competing at the Crater Cruise and is doing her best to fit it into her 2004 calendar, while HSBC captain Nic White has already committed and his team will be there to challenge for the honours.
There can be no doubt that this is going to push the MTB riders to even greater heights but not one of them has shown any fear of the names and reputations of the great roadies who are attempting to rock their boat.

Top athletes love a challenge, any challenge, and that is just what this is – maybe the best challenge on or off road in the country.

The Mazda Drifter team, with Fritz Pienaar at the helm, is going to throw everything into making sure that all the media coverage is coming to them.

The R100 000 prize money this year has been the big attraction for all the pro riders like Mugg & Bean/ Jeep ace and top marathon rider, Richard Beswick, who is riding himself into good form in the latter part of this season. He is hungry for a big win and believes that this could be the perfect one.
And talking of money, go check it out - even the 50th finisher in the men’s ranks will receive R250, as well as the 20th lady.

The event has already attracted a significant entry and there’s still plenty of time to go. To have a look at the hefty prize money available, simply click on:

But, in the end the pro’s don’t come for the scenery and the splendour of the bush, and don’t forget that’s exactly what the RIDE CRATER CRUISE is designed for: the pleasure of thousands.

Make this 42km your first MTB event and you will never want to get off the bike. This is ultimately what this country was designed for!
It’s going to be comfortable place for a race as well. Parys as a holiday town has already started to get in gear for the event, and the apparently small Free State town boasts a massive total of 3 000 beds for riders, their teams, supporters and spectators.