Exel were in high spirits on Sunday after doing the double in the weekends racing action. The second of the team’s victories came from the captain Rupert Rheeder who outsprinted Microsoft’s Malcolm Lange to win the mCubed Criterium.
The mCubed Criterium, held at the Kyalami race track, would once again prove to be an action packed affair as the riders set off for 3 laps of flat-out racing. To add to the action the race also had primes on laps 1 and 2. Although the weather did not play its part and the riders were forced to contend with wind and constant rain, the small field did not disappoint.
The Exel boys were keen on getting the racing started and it was the Exel captain Rheeder who lead by example and delivered the first attack barely 2 km into the race. The attacks continued around the back section of the race track with Microsoft and Konica-Minolta also getting in on the action.
As the riders made their way around the first lap, it was again the figure of Rheeder at the head of the field. Rheeder was joined by his teammate Hoffmann and four other riders, namely, Malcolm Lange, Neil McDonald (both Microsoft), Jacques Fullard and George Schoonrad (both Konica-Minolta).
The first of the primes was taken by Lange who was leading the charge as the riders crossed over the start/ finish line. Microsoft’s Neil McDonald pulled the 6-man break around the back of Kyalami and it was the fired-up Rheeder who launched the decisive attack as the group made their way up the climb of Mine Shaft.
Lange and Schoonrad were the only riders who had an answer to Rheeder and the trio immediately opened a lead on the peloton. With the riders heading for the end of the second lap and the second prime, it was Rheeder who made his intentions clear by taking the prime.
Rheeder carried on pacing around the track and launched yet another attack on the back section. It was then that Lange came to front and carried out the pace making. As the trio made their way into the final corner, an unfortunate error from Schoonrad saw him sliding out and heading straight into the gravel. Back in front, it was Rheeder who opted to take the sprint to Lange and took it long.

His efforts were rewarded as he managed to hold the advantage over Lange to take the victory. With Schoonrad out, the doors were open for the final podium placing which was taking by a charging Kachelhoffer.
When asked about the performance Rheeder said, “We really wanted to capitalise on our win from yesterday so we came here to try and get a result, and we’ve achieved our goal.

“It was good to have won two races back to back because our season has been average up to this point, but we are slowly finding our form from last season”. Rheeder went on to add that Malcolm didn’t make it easy “because he is still one of the quickest men in the dash for the line”.
Overall Results:

1                     Rupert Rheeder – Team Exel
2                     Malcolm Lange – Microsoft
3                     Hanco Kachelhoffer – Team Exel