Andrew McLean’s recent excellent form in SA road races, coupled with a remarkably successful weight loss programme by cycling’s legendary “Cannibal”, a.k.a. Eddy Merckx, has led to what could be unique match-race possibility.

Merckx, who is regarded by many as the greatest cyclist the world has ever known,  has challenged SA’s TV cycling guru to a match-race criterium, “mano a mano”, at the venue of his choice.

“It’s an exciting prospect and I hope it can be arranged,” said an up-beat McLean outside Cycle Lab on March 31. “Eddy has lost a lot of weight since the middle of last year and he also has all those years of premium grade cycling in his legs, I would be privileged to ride against him.”

McLean added that he was “just glad that I don’t have to race against Axel Merckx, Eddy and I have left our best days in the past, Axel is young and on-form, but I’m still going to have enough of a problem with his old man.”

The always innovative McLean is also believed to be bringing in a number of top bookies to set their cubicles up at the venue, which is possibly going to be the popular and easily accessible circuit around Cycle Lab in Fourways.

Eddy Merckx and Andrew McLean back in the saddle in Fourways ! You can bet on it!