Barloworld/Valsir announced their brief return to South African racing in spectacular fashion by winning both single day classics over the weekend.

Tiaan Kannemeyer got the better of the bunch in the Carnival City Classic in Germiston on Sunday while his teammate Ryan Cox went over the line with him in the Energy Classic at Pelindaba on Saturday.

The Energy Classic got off to a cautious start with most teams being careful of the Barloworld/Valsir presense at their first race on South African soil for 2005.

Konica Minolta made the first breakthrough managing to get Leon Nel up the road. Barloworld/Valsir did not take it lying down and counter-attacked, forcing a four man group up the road containing Cox and Kannemeyer (both Barloworld/Valsir), John-Lee Augustyn (Konica Minolta) and Alex Galvin (Exel).

Konica Minolta tried to keep the gap manageable and as the leaders hit Hekpoort, Galvin dropped off leaving Augustyn to fight of the constant attacking from the Barloworld/Valsir duo. He fought well, only to be dropped at the top leaving Kannemeyer and Cox alone in the front.

Kannemeyer and Cox took a joint win – it was allocated to Kannemeyer in the end - with Martin Velits (Konica Minolta) managing to slip away before the end to take third.

The Carnival City Classic got underway in wet conditions and again it was Leon Nel who made the first move. Nel got up the road and managed to claim both hotspots of the day.

Behind him the action was hotting up with Barloworld/Valsir trying to force a move across to Nel. On the climb outside Heidelberg it was again Kannemeyer and Cox splitting the field, only this time they were joined by the Slovak twins Martin and Peter Velits (Konica Minolta).

The only other survivor was Malcolm Lange tagging on the back of the group. This was not to be for long as the others would not just tow Lange to the line with them.

An attack by Kanemeyer saw him and Martin Velits slip away. At the finish it was Kannemeyer taking it from the Konica Minolta youngster while Peter Velits took third from Lange and Cox.