As the excitement builds up prior to the departure of the SA national women’s team to the Giro del Trentino in Italy on Monday, some of the riders are making sure that nothing has been missed in their training and preparation.

After a land-mark training camp at Crystal Springs recently, Liberty’s Annette Loubser, confirmed on Thursday that she is “finishing my final training and completing the mental preparations for the Giro.

“I’m into leg-speed training at a low heart rate intensity at the moment but, at the same time, I’m maintaining the mileage, clocking up about 110/120km a day,” said a confident Annette.

The biggest danger faced by SA’s finest cycling ladies is the ever-present possibility of colds and ‘flu, “as well as the fact that a lot of us picked up some mild respiratory problems after the training camp,” added Annette.

These also affected both Anriette Schoeman and Hanlie Booyens, but, fortunately, neither of the SA teamsters developed full-blown colds or ‘flu and both have completely overcome the problems.

Annette has had a sparkling season so far with the highlights being an excellent win at the Belgotex and a hard fought victory at the Croc, which, she confesses, “was one of my better performances.”

It all augurs well for the first SA team to take part in a major European tour.