Konica Minolta’s “super Swede”, Fredrik Johansson, is clearly getting into the right shape for the European season after a great ride on Sunday to finish third in the Entega Energy Cup at Einhausen in Germany.

The 119 km race was not only very fast, averaging 46 km/h, but also produced some very aggressive riding from the 124 rider strong international field.

With 20km to go Johansson managed to get away with the German riders,  Stefan Parinussa and Sven Biermann, and at 10km from the finish the gap was still 38 seconds  to a very hard chasing bunch.

During the last few kilometres the front group split and Parinussa got away, allowing him to claim victory by three seconds from Biermann and Johansson.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t follow Parinussa in his final move, and after that I had to do most of the chasing myself, and then got beaten in the sprint for second place”, commented  Johansson after the finish.

“(However) even if I had really felt that I could win, I have to be happy with my third place, “he went on, pointing out, “After being sick for more or less the whole of March, I finally began to feel my legs starting to get better,” he finished.

Forunately time is on his side because the Swede is only aiming to be in shape for the major races in May.


Entega Energy Cup, Einhausen, Germany

1: Stefan Parinussa,  Team König Pilsener, GER 2.37.04
2: Sven Biermann, Team Wien.,  GER  00.03
3: Fredrik Johansson, Team Konica Minolta, SWE  00.03