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Welcome to South Africa’s Mean on-line Cycling Machine!

If passion for cycling rushes untamed through your veins, prepare yourself for an all-encompassing on-line experience that fulfils the needs of the entire South African industry and every cycling enthusiast.

Cyclingnews.co.za is South Africa’s first independent cycling website that serves the interests of all South African cyclists, wholesalers, retailers, clubs and provinces.

In the age of on-line marketing and sales, the need became very apparent for an independent South African website which affords the cycling industry as a whole the opportunity to link their respective on-line sales and marketing strategies to an effective vehicle in the on-line environment that drives traffic to their sites. Now there is such a vehicle.

Unique local and international content

The website features unique local and international news content, updated daily by the passionate efforts of the editorial staff at SupaCycling and Ride Magazine, South Africa’s two monthly pacesetting cycling publications.
It also encompasses an array of guidelines and tips on how and where to ride in South Africa and abroad.

It’s a cycling overdose for the connoisseur!

Features of the site include:

  • Race reports
  • Mountain biking
  • A comprehensive, daily updated local and international race calendar
  • Rider and team profiles
  • Official Robert Hunter website with regular email newsletters, written by Robert
  • Picture gallery
  • Club news and comprehensive contact details
  • Provincial news
  • South African Cycling Federation
  • Live race updates – local and international
  • Elite race results
  • Fun Ride results via the efforts of ChampionChip
  • How to ride your bike
  • Where to ride your bike

It’s an effective daily source of cycling news and in-depth coverage that appeals directly to the heart of every South African cyclist.

Marketing Muscle

The website is marketed aggressively in the pages of SupaCycling and Ride Magazine and appears prominently on their covers.

Crisp on-line Tour de France coverage

Let your mouse run off to cyclingnews.co.za for up to the minute coverage of the world’s greatest cycling showcase, which will bring the cycling world to a standstill once again during the month of July.

Our coverage will include:

  • Route and stage map
  • All the mountains
  • Daily email newsletter by Robert Hunter
  • Full results
  • Live updates
  • Rider profiles

It’s only a click away!

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