The final verdict by CSA’s disciplinary committee on Morne Blignaut’s very public outburst against officials at last month’s Tri-Nations meeting is still awaited.

“The lawyers are meeting this morning (Monday)  and we hope that the results will be released later today,” commented the federation’s CEO, Sylvia Dale.

“Morne appointed a senior and junior counsel to represent him at the hearing, and that meant that we had to appoint lawyers as well,” she continued.

“There are a lot of people waiting for the results of this matter and, as soon as it has all been confirmed, it will be posted on our website,” she added.

The appointment of expensive counsel to represent him indicates the seriousness with which Blignaut is regarding the matter, which could dramatically affect the future direction of his cycling career.

The strongman of SA track cycling is already serving a three month ban from all Virgin Active gyms in South Africa following some “unacceptable behaviour” in their Brackenfell branch earlier this year, and he certainly would not want any further blemish on his already tarnished sporting reputation.