The Mr Price Tour Durban can boast the utilisation one of the world’s most advanced timing and positional systems, ChampionChip, at its next edition on Sunday, April, 24.

The tried and tested transponder based system was originally developed in Europe, and debuted in South Africa at the Comrades Marathon ten years ago, “but the Tour Durban was the first cycle race at which it was used, and that dates back eight years now, “ said a proud Colin Hechter of ChampionChip.

“We’ve had absolutely no hassles with ChampionChip at the Tour Durban ever since, and I can also say that it’s use in timing big bunches at very high speeds has tested the system to it’s absolute limit,” Hechter went on.

He cited “a Tour Durban finish a couple of years ago where we had a lead bunch of around 50 cyclists, all travelling at over 60km/h and yet, despite the obvious difficulties posed by that, the system still managed to pick them all up without any hassle.”

Hassle-free also seems to be the name of the game regarding the relationship between ChampionChip and the organisers of the Tour Durban, and Hechter points out that “it has been a great relationship, and a really solid and dependable one right from the early days of the race.”

So with a hassle-free timing system, supplied by a loyal and reliable commercial partner, it’s clear that the 2005 Mr Price Tour Durban is intent on providing and producing the maximum possible rider-friendly race – don’t miss it!

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